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Hello Everyone, Hope you are doing well in your life, job, studies, travelling, eating etc. Actually I wasn’t sure how to begin with since there are ‘N’ number of JavaScript blogs out there which will be much better than this one aiming for teaching you how to learn JavaScript? How to be better at ? And how to code better in it?

var x, y;
x = 4;
y = 5;
console.log(x +y);

Well this is a simple snippet of how JavaScript displays results inside a web-developer console. Learning JavaScript is easy, as it is been said by the community out there, who are either experts or at an intermediate level. Well, the truth is it takes TIME. In-fact, Learning anything takes time. And then there are slow learners like me who have to re-do a particular thing at-least 3 times so that it is well understood in my mind.

Here in this JavaScript blog, I will take you through my journey of Learning JS and finishing it to an advance level where we will be dealing with closures, oop programming, ecmascript 2016/2017 and what not?

Before writing this blog, I have tried learning JS from a bunch of sites and its not the sites but the efforts and consistency by me which wasn’t enough. But there is always one more time and you just have to stick to your goal of becoming well knowledgeable.

So I begin one more time with you all, this time sharing my experiences of how the journey goes. Also I am taking an oath of learning JavaScript for at least 30 mins daily.

PS : I assume that while following me on my journey you are already having basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

List of Sites which I will be referring and that too in following order respectively (as of now 26th May 2018).

So here we begin with the W3 Schools link at very beginning because I am trying to unlearn and the Learn Again.
Please provide your valuable feedback and together we learn with the JavaScript Journey.

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